Sunday, 11 October 2009

gelati stand

At Val's Magic Beach, on the island of Ponza. July 2006


  1. you know i love this.
    all we need here is a gelato stand like this one...right on the beach. yes.

  2. Oh that's right, STephanie.. you live in paradise but don't have any good ice cream! I forgot about that.

    PD: You wouldn't believe the water around that island. It's funny cause Stephanie lives on Tortola & the Virgin Island water is incredible, of course, but the area around Ponza is pure volcanic rock, the water is crystal clear and when we were there, in July, it was warm but looked ice cold... you could swim into navy blue caves and your skin looked blue.. such a variation of colours. I think I'll post a few shots of there over the next few days, as I'm running behind...

    Just realised: I'm talking to myself! ; )


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