Tuesday, 6 April 2010


I've been so torn about how to resume this blog: whether to go back and post (or is it pre?) date the photos to fill in for all the days I've missed? I suppose I can: I've got more than enough summer photos to fill many days of many years. But instead, I'm back to the commitment I made: a photo of a summery image, every day, all year round.

Today: one of the pools at my parents' retirement community in Florida. I love it there. It's just my mom now - my dad died seven years ago - but at a moment like this, swimming alone in the pool closest to their home - just steps away, in fact - that late afternoon, almost evening light, that feeling that time is suspended and all is well in the world.. well, one thing is for sure: I wasn't alone.


  1. Hi! I write the Accessorize This column on Dream Sequins and saw your comment, my blog is The Swelle Life. I think your comment may have been directed toward Deanne (I think lots of people don't realise it's actually me writing it as we tend to skim) but I wanted to check out your blog, I love your water shots! I'm on the coast outside Newcastle but am from Canada. So we have something in common!

    Feel free to come by my blog for a visit, I'm just learning to use my new DSLR but am really enjoying it!

    Denise ♥

  2. This photo actually looks wet; it's like you could dive right into the computer screen.

    Coming to this blog is so satisfying. I hope you keep it going. Maybe just a photo or two per week...I realize the huge time commitment of having two blogs (you know I speak from experience!)


Thank you so very much for your comments, they bring the sun out.