Friday, 8 January 2010

man with orange towel

Shot same night as yesterday's post. Secret beach (not so secret, apparently), North Fork, Long Island. February 2009


  1. haha, i love this one! are you going to update this with palm beach photos once you are back? i like this blog, it's so peaceful... and it's a nice distraction from all the work i have to do. keep it up jill, people are watching! xx

  2. Eternal summer = eternal genius. It's just now reaching 40 degrees in New York, and people are acting like it's summer weather. Come on, people. Let's not fool ourselves. :) It's not California.

  3. Just read your comment on Leah’s blog about the poem I wrote, “Ode to Leah”. Thanks for your kind words, they’re much appreciated!

    Barry from
    “Life in Quotations”


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