Sunday, 17 January 2010

say cheese

Being in South Beach brought back such strong memories of childhood. I remember a magic day at the Deauville Hotel. The Beatles had just come to America and my parents' friends lived there, and we spent the day at the pool at the Deauville because a friend or colleague of my dad's was staying there. In the suite the Beatles had just vacated, before him. He was dealing with troops of girls knocking on the door, in floods of tears, paying homage. Kissing the walls.. pretty mad behaviour.

Photo by my dad, Art Carin. Miami, December 1963. I think.


  1. this is so great! i wonder what was going on between all those girls at that moment... they are all making the funniest faces! xx

  2. is that you Jill on the far right? how cute!


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